Weird but Helpful Health Advice

We hear it over and over that the only way to improve your health is to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise. But there are so many other options to being healthy. Don’t always go off of what the scale says-sleep, energy, and how you feel are huge contributing factors.

If you have been feeling down lately and are trying to lose a few extra pounds, maybe you need to try some new methods. Well you may ask, “Which ones then?” Below are a few weird but beneficial tips to try and improve your health.

Coffee before a Nap:

Is that really right? Yes! It works like this… having a cup of coffee and then immediately taking a nap for 20 minutes actually works perfectly. Why? The caffeine kicks in just as you are waking up so you get a boost from the nap as well as a jolt from the coffee. The perfect, productive combo!

Put on the Lbs:

Wait, What? Well, we mean muscle weight! Not fat. Working out and getting exercise regularly boosts your metabolism and your muscle will burn food faster. And muscle looks a lot better than fat! Trust us, if you improve your muscle tone, you will look smaller and healthier with the same weight, but without that weight being fat.

Eat More:

Weird right? Well, let me explain… If you grab a quick snack, chances are you will be hungry again in an hour or so.  It is much better to have an apple with peanut butter than a granola bar, even though the calories are higher. You will stay satisfied for longer and won’t eat as many calories throughout the day over all.

Drink something Warm:

If you have just finished a workout, it is better to turn to a glass of warm water than something super cold. Studies reveal that warmer beverages actually cool your body better that a cold drink. The higher temperature tricks your body into producing more sweat which in turn cools down your body.

It really is amazing how the human body works and how sometimes you don’t always have to diet to improve your health. Take a few of these weird and interesting tips to make you feel more like yourself.

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