Vernon Insurance Brokers Turned Stars on the Screen

While some Vernon insurance brokers might have a rap for being pencil pushers, calculator-huggers and sticklers, Baron Insurance is changing all that with a new video series that portrays them as being…human, and (gasp), even funny.

Today, Baron launches its first of four videos, produced by Sproing Creative and illustrating on the screen that the team behind the oldest insurance company in Vernon likes to have a laugh.

“Everyone at our office likes to have fun,” says Nicole Amies, vice president and Anderson Way branch manager. “We’re all very professional and we take our jobs very seriously, but we also like to have a good time and really take care of our clients.”

Behind the scenes at three businesses that deal with Baron—The Room CollectionSoul Studio and Sperlich Log Construction Inc.—viewers get a warm and light-hearted window into how outstanding insurance service helps these local businesses succeed.

Another upcoming video (spoiler alert) features long-time commercial producer Matthew Leck burning the midnight oil in an unusual venue to make things happen for his clients.


“We really wanted the videos to be kind of fun and relatable,” says Amies, who stars in a few of the videos. “The staff, when we were filming, they got very involved and excited about it, and they loved seeing the videos.”

In addition to showing on the screen what Baron customers have known for nearly 50 years (that Baron is ‘Your friends and neighbours’), the videos are a part of a larger social media initiative that will allow Baron to engage with and educate the community.

As a business that takes pride in being a part of the community, Baron looks forward to ‘being out there’ on social—Twitter, Facebook, its blog—to engage and be available in another way outside the branch.


Baron has always made it the company’s mission to help people understand their insurance policies, so it made sense to Baron, following the launch of a new website, to use social media as a tool to give clients relevant and useful information about insurance.

“We know how valuable a tool social media can be to help people find out what they need to know, and how savvy people are with social media,” says Amies. “The insurance world is changing so much and it’s important to use to help people really understand what they’re buying.”

Baron aims to educate social followers about everything how to enjoy your favourite activities safely to what do when you need to make a claim. Be sure to follow Baron and keep an eye out for upcoming videos!

Are you looking for a Vernon insurance team that truly cares about your protection and the community? Get in touch with Baron, serving Vernon for more than 50 years, and now with two convenient locations to serve you even better.

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