Think Local, Be Local, Buy Local

As the holiday season slowly approaches, we want to remind everyone that buying locally is very important in sustain our community and place that we call home. We want to challenge you to start thinking local, being local, and buying local this month! You may ask the question well “how do we do this?” It is actually quite simple.

You can start by avoiding purchasing anything online, because remember not 1 dollar will remain in your community. You can also go to local fruit and vegetable stands instead of buying your produce at big brand name stores. We just want to remind our clients to think about our community and deciding that it should be put first!

Here are five great reasons why we believe in thinking local, being local, and buying local:

You invest in our community- People who own local businesses in Vernon BC are less likely to leave; they are invested in making our community a better place to live in for futures to come.

Keep our community unique- Our community is what we call home. What we eat, where we shop, and where we go to have fun makes home special and close to your heart. Our one-of-a-kind businesses are what characterizes and distinguishes our community.

Support yourself- Studies have proven that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business, more of your money will be put back into your economy. This money will be used to purchase things from other businesses, service providers and farms, and strengthen the economic base of our community.

Create more jobs- When you buy locally, you are creating a need for small business owners and their employees. Small, locally owned businesses provide the most jobs to residents.

Get better service- Locally owned businesses often hire people with more understanding of the products they are required to sell. These people are shown to take more time to get to know and relate to their customers.

We challenge to join the think, be, and buy local train because these five reasons are what makes our community the place you can call home. Support Vernon and all the beautiful small businesses that reside here.


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