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Must Have Items to Keep in your Car

Let’s admit it; your car is probably home to a coffee mug, a handful of stale French fries, and some old receipts. Does it contain the items that you might need in the case of an emergency? Lots of us could not survive for three days off of the stuff we have in our cars. […]

Baron’s Auto Insurance Brokers

At Baron Insurance, our brokers are the exact same people that you are. We require the same needs and wants that our fellow clients have. And our needs include auto insurance. We don’t just sell insurance, we use it too. Our brokers spend our days off the same way you do; camping, fishing, boating, and […]

How To Save Money On Gas This Summer

How to Save Money on Gas This Summer

Gas prices keep going up and somehow, money in our pockets keeps disappearing. Summer vacations, and activities are coming up and your fuel expenses are going to sky rocket during these warmer months. To help you cope with these higher costs, we have a few tips on how to save gas this summer. 1. Check Tire […]