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Cold Season- Preventing it Before it Happens

We are aware that the cold weather can quickly approach, when no one is expecting it. Now that fall is here and winter is slowly coming, days and nights are becoming colder and colder. With cold weather, comes the ever-looming cold season!! Your kids will start to cough, sniffles will run rampant, and visits to […]

Shopping locally

Shopping Locally Supports These 3 Things

There is no denying, that when you spend your money at the big brand stores, you may feel like you got a deal! But did you really? By choosing local and independent businesses for your shopping, service, and dining needs, you are supporting your community. There are many benefits to shopping locally. Here are 3 […]

Summer Road Trip Tips

The Okanagan is perfect for summer road trips. Packing up the family in your vehicle and traveling around, enjoying what BC has to offer. However, planning the perfect road trip can be quite exhausting. Lucky for you, Baron Insurance is here to help. We have put together a list of important summer road trip tips. […]

Baron’s favorite Okanagan beaches

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend and also enjoy the weather? Here are a few of Baron’s favorite Okanagan beaches . On a hot sunny day, there is nothing better than to enjoy a nice beach day with your family. The Okanagan is filled with lakes and rivers which host an abundance […]

Vernon Insurance Brokers Turned Stars on the Screen

While some Vernon insurance brokers might have a rap for being pencil pushers, calculator-huggers and sticklers, Baron Insurance is changing all that with a new video series that portrays them as being…human, and (gasp), even funny. Today, Baron launches its first of four videos, produced by Sproing Creative and illustrating on the screen that the team behind the […]