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Insuring your Jewelry

If you own a home or rent a condo, chances are you have a home or tenant insurance policy. Under these policies there is coverage for your fancy jewelry. So, what happens if someone breaks into your car and steals your fancy Rolex, or picks the lock on your locker and takes your diamond earrings? […]

Why you Need Tenant Insurance

If you are renting an apartment, house, or condominium you need tenant or renters insurance. It is common knowledge that home owners carry home insurance, but less common for renters to know they need to hold tenant insurance. Also called contents insurance, it can cover your belongings from any theft or damage. It provides liability […]

Performing a Home Inventory

Have you ever thought about what will happen in the event of an emergency or a disaster that could potentially damage your belongings or property? Taking an inventory of everything you have in your home will prepare you to be better safe than sorry. Performing a home inventory is a lot simpler than most people […]