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Packing Smartly

Are you preparing to leave home and visit family for the holidays? Or maybe you are already preparing for a trip in the New Year? Whatever sort of fun vacation plans you may have throughout the winter, you want to make the most of your luggage load. Travelling with an over sized suitcase and heavy […]

Christmas Appetizer Recipes

As we all frantically get our houses ready for guests, go grocery shopping, and make sure you have checked off everyone’s wish list there is very little time left for searching up tasty holiday recipes. It can be hard to please all your family members with appetizers that are appropriate for the holidays and taste […]

Getting over the Holiday Blues

Let’s face it, it’s January. Cold, dark, and dreary January, matched with the dullness of a house stripped from holiday decorations, family, and friends. Your children are slugging through the long boring period between winter break and spring break. There is no more excitement for the holidays, or distractions from their homework. They go to […]

Holiday Decorations and Home Insurance

Christmas is widely known as the time we all get to decorate our homes inside and out. From the Christmas tree, to the lights on your house; there is a wide variety of bulbs and colors to choose from. There are a few of us that only throw a string up along the porch or […]

Holiday Parking Lot Safety

Clearly the holiday season is a buy and hectic time. The roads and parking lots become crowded and slippery from the snow. With everyone going out, trying to get everything on their lists and catching the latest sales, it can get very exhausting. Yes, you- and just about everyone else- is in a rush to […]