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Private insurance vs public insurance

Private Insurance or Public Insurance?

If you’re buying a car, you will need car insurance! In British Columbia, there are two different auto insurance providers; either public insurance or private insurance. Therefore, it is important to understand the characteristics of both systems. They vary depending on the coverage and services you require. What’s the Difference? As a driver, you don’t […]

How we get to know our Customers

At Baron Insurance we believe very firmly that getting to know our customers is the best way to have a successful business. Getting to know our clients and what their needs are is part of who we are. All of our insurance brokers strive to create a personal relationship with you and treat you like […]

Christmas Appetizer Recipes

As we all frantically get our houses ready for guests, go grocery shopping, and make sure you have checked off everyone’s wish list there is very little time left for searching up tasty holiday recipes. It can be hard to please all your family members with appetizers that are appropriate for the holidays and taste […]

Candy Cane Kiss Cheesecake Recipe

Well, Christmas is the time for sweets, baking, and all around indulgence. Family members get together to make their favorite recipes that include pumpkin pie, fudge, ginger bread, and everything in between. This year we want to introduce you to a new recipe. Yes, Christmas is normally pretty straight forward and you all enjoy the […]

Shopping locally

Shopping Locally Supports These 3 Things

There is no denying, that when you spend your money at the big brand stores, you may feel like you got a deal! But did you really? By choosing local and independent businesses for your shopping, service, and dining needs, you are supporting your community. There are many benefits to shopping locally. Here are 3 […]