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Ways to Save Energy this Winter

Heating your home can be very expensive. Okanagan winters are cold; many Vernon residents are trying to keep warm while not paying an arm and a leg for energy. Not only that, but using an abundance of energy can also impact the environment. Before just cranking up the heat in your home or cottage, keep […]

Power Outage

Dealing with a Winter Power Outage

Living in a more rural community like Vernon, a winter power outage is quite a bit more common than most of us think. Winter storms can damage and knock down power lines, and there is no telling how long it will take for the power to come back on. Being stuck without power in the […]

Avoiding Germs in the Workplace

It’s the time of year where everyone is prone to getting sick and germs are in the air. In every work environment, workers are prone to catching a cold or flu. That is why keeping your area clean and sanitary should be your number one priority in the coming months. As a business owner or […]

Cold Season- Preventing it Before it Happens

We are aware that the cold weather can quickly approach, when no one is expecting it. Now that fall is here and winter is slowly coming, days and nights are becoming colder and colder. With cold weather, comes the ever-looming cold season!! Your kids will start to cough, sniffles will run rampant, and visits to […]

september equinox

First Day of Fall- September Equinox

Well, first we would like to say “Hello Fall!” Even though it happens every year, it always seems to be a slight surprise for everyone. The weather all of a sudden gets colder, there is pumpkin-spice-everything everywhere, and you are suddenly putting on sweaters and boots. Although, after a long and hot August; the feelings […]