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Are you ready to tackle Christmas and Deck the Halls?

We all know that Christmas is in the air when your favorite cafe has their holiday-themed drinks and holiday music is beginning to play on your radio station. Before going to pick out your tree or hang up your lights, let’s go over some important information! Christmas Lights: May your day be Merry and Bright […]

Christmas Appetizer Recipes

As we all frantically get our houses ready for guests, go grocery shopping, and make sure you have checked off everyone’s wish list there is very little time left for searching up tasty holiday recipes. It can be hard to please all your family members with appetizers that are appropriate for the holidays and taste […]

Candy Cane Kiss Cheesecake Recipe

Well, Christmas is the time for sweets, baking, and all around indulgence. Family members get together to make their favorite recipes that include pumpkin pie, fudge, ginger bread, and everything in between. This year we want to introduce you to a new recipe. Yes, Christmas is normally pretty straight forward and you all enjoy the […]

Avoiding Holiday Mishaps

As Christmas is literally right around the corner, you have just about 1 million things on your mind. For instance- Did I get all the groceries for Christmas dinner? Are all the cousins accounted for on the gift list? Did I remember to clean the room Grandma and Grandpa are sleeping in. If you stop and […]

Christmas Leftovers- What to do with them?

The holidays are finally over, the family has left your home, you have a ton of house cleaning to do, and leftovers have taken over your fridge. Christmas Time is one of the best times of the year; filled with family, friends, good food, and holiday cheer! However, the holidays can also get very exhausting; […]

Holiday Decorations and Home Insurance

Christmas is widely known as the time we all get to decorate our homes inside and out. From the Christmas tree, to the lights on your house; there is a wide variety of bulbs and colors to choose from. There are a few of us that only throw a string up along the porch or […]

Holiday Parking Lot Safety

Clearly the holiday season is a buy and hectic time. The roads and parking lots become crowded and slippery from the snow. With everyone going out, trying to get everything on their lists and catching the latest sales, it can get very exhausting. Yes, you- and just about everyone else- is in a rush to […]