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Ways to Save Energy this Winter

Heating your home can be very expensive. Okanagan winters are cold; many Vernon residents are trying to keep warm while not paying an arm and a leg for energy. Not only that, but using an abundance of energy can also impact the environment. Before just cranking up the heat in your home or cottage, keep […]

dog food

What People Foods are Dangerous for my Pet?

Resisting those puppy dog eyes when your pooch is begging for a bit of your hamburger can be difficult. While plenty of human foods are okay to feed your pet, some things could make them ill. Most of our insurance brokers are very pet friendly and lovable dog/ cat owners. That is why we have […]

Home Insurance Tips you Need to Know!

A home is the single biggest financial investment a Canadian, like yourself, will make in your lifetime. As a homeowner, insuring this investment is essential. No matter how new your home is or how well it is built, it is still vulnerable to fire, theft, and damage. Insurance offers homeowners the protection they require in […]

Avoiding Home Renovation Disasters

The spring like weather has everyone dreaming about a new kitchen, a brand new deck, or a fresh coat of paint in their living room. As there is no problem tackling home renovations by yourself, we have all heard the horror stories of a DIY project gone wrong. Hitting an obstacle that increases your costs […]

Fall Driving Safety Tips

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, especially around the Okanagan. We wake up and get to see the leaves are changing color and falling to the ground. Although, with all those leaves on the ground poses many fall driving hazards that we want you to be aware of. We want […]