Summer Road Trip Tips

The Okanagan is perfect for summer road trips. Packing up the family in your vehicle and traveling around, enjoying what BC has to offer. However, planning the perfect road trip can be quite exhausting. Lucky for you, Baron Insurance is here to help. We have put together a list of important summer road trip tips.

As you start to plan your awesome summer vacation, there are a few simple things that you should always keep in mind.

Plan Your Routes…

Clearly, you are aware of where you want your destination to be, but you have to plan on how to get there. It is wise to get out a map to determine the route you are taking and plan out how much time you will require to get to each spot.

…But Keep Your Plans Loose

When you are road tripping, you have no idea what you might see along the way. You never know when fun and interesting opportunities may arise. You also aren’t aware of road constructions or accidents that will slow you down. Remember to keep an open mind and go with the flow.

Make sure Your Vehicle is ready

Safety should be your number one priority along this road trip. Therefore, in the weeks leading up to your grand adventure, make sure you vehicle is in prime condition. Perform any necessary maintenance before you leave and double check your car insurance!!!

Clean Out Your Vehicle

It is suggested to go through your vehicle and throw out any gum wrappers, napkins, receipts, and water bottles before you embark on your trip. As your trip continues, more stuff will begin to accumulate. So start fresh on your road trip with a clean vehicle.

Make up Road Trip Games

If you’re traveling somewhere far, you will want to pass your time doing something. Unleash the child within you and make up some creative games to make you laugh.

Have a Budget

Going on a road trip is definitely cheaper than flying to a Caribbean Island, but it still comes with costs. Be sure to include your food expenses, accommodations, fun stuff you plan on doing along the way, and gas in your budget.

Take Pictures

Pictures are your living proof of all the awesome stories you are going to tell your family and friends when you get home. Accompany those stories with pictures. You can even make a summer road trip scrapbook to hold your memories.

Happy road tripping!!


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