Snowmobile Insurance: What you need to know

The snow is piled up in the mountains and fresh powder is coming down every day ready for you avid snowmobilers. If you are familiar with snowmobiles, you are aware of their unbelievable ability and weight of these powerful machines. These machines can bring a large amount of excitement and thrill to your winters. However, they also have the ability to bring about damage and injury. Even the most experienced snowmobile drivers can be extremely careful yet still find themselves in an unexpected situation.


Now, Snowmobile insurance is required when and if you are travelling on forestry roads in British Columbia. If you travel in the back country in BC, it is highly likely that you will be travelling on a forestry road. Having a policy in place is not only required by the Ministry of Forests, but it is also a good idea no matter what the case may be.

Coverage for your snowmobile is actually quite inexpensive, but what it gives you in the case of an accident is priceless. For example, if you are sued for repair costs for causing damage to someone’s property or if you are held responsible for a passenger’s injury. Snowmobile insurance will work to help cover any costs associated with these risks.

Of course, the amount of financial assistance you will receive in the event of an accident will depend on the limits that you choose when you select your policy. You may want liability coverage that has a single limit to cover bodily injury and property damage. Or, you may choose a policy with different coverage limits. You may also want to consider adding an umbrella policy in the case of a catastrophic accident. It is essentially the same as choosing the correct car insurance policy that is right for you.

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