The Snow is Coming! Time to Prepare for Winter Driving

Well, it is officially the holiday season, and we are all eagerly attempting to find the perfect Christmas gifts for our loved ones. However, we also need to be aware of the risks of driving this time of year. Snow is coming very soon which will definitely make for some interesting driving situations. Many drivers have a hard time adjusting to the winter weather as soon as the snow falls and push putting your winter tires on until the last minute. It is very crucial to prepare your vehicle for the winter conditions and even update your coverage.

In honor of the snow falling, we have a few tips that may come in handy with you this week when you are trying to drive through the snow:

  • Have an extra ice scraper, snow brush, and shovel packed away in your car… You never know when you might need them.
  • Through a sweatshirt and blanket into your trunk as well… Just in case!
  • Keep your speed as low as possible- It is unnecessary and dangerous to race around on the street in icy conditions.
  • Avoid using cruise control when it is snowing out- when roads are slick, your car will have a hard time adjusting its speed.
  • Distance yourself from other vehicles- It is crucial to give yourself enough time and space to break when you are driving in winter conditions. It is amazing how many cars you see sliding either through intersections or into the back of another vehicle, just because they didn’t realize how slippery it was. Always give yourself enough room and time to break.
  • Make sure you clear your windows and windshield from any snow or ice before you leave your driveway.
  • Always brush the snow and ice off of the top of your car before you leave to avoid putting other drivers in danger. One of the scariest moments on the highway can be snow, from the person in front of you, flying and landing straight on your windshield. Do not put other drivers at risk because you’re running late and fail to properly clean off your car.
  • Top up your windshield washer fluid and antifreeze- running out of these can be very dangerous if you are in the middle of the highway.
  • Check the weather on a good reliable weather app, or from the news- Don’t ever leave your house without knowing the road conditions.

Honestly, if the weather is really bad, it is best to stay inside and avoid getting in your car. We know that for many, this is impossible because of jobs and commitments. The best that we can do is stay prepare and protected for the worst case scenario.


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