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Shopping Locally Supports These 3 Things

There is no denying, that when you spend your money at the big brand stores, you may feel like you got a deal! But did you really? By choosing local and independent businesses for your shopping, service, and dining needs, you are supporting your community. There are many benefits to shopping locally. Here are 3 things that you specifically support when you shop small here in Vernon BC.

Family:family section

When you are shopping locally, your money is likely to go to a local family or a good cause close to home. As well, employees of small businesses are actually treated like family and your money is ending up in the pockets of someone local with meaningful intentions. You should feel good knowing that your dollars are being spent on helping a family put food on their dinner table.

uniqueness sectionUniqueness:

Local businesses give a community a sense of uniqueness. Towns around Canada have similar chain restaurants and grocery stores, but that diner you go to for breakfast every Saturday morning is unique. By supporting small businesses in your community, you are ensuring that uniqueness is preserved as a part of your town.

Giving Back:giving back section

Small businesses are very community centered, and you normally see and hear about many of them giving back to the community. When you shop locally, you are helping a local business give back to the community, which is likely yours.

Buying and shopping local has more benefits than just convenience. Not only do you get a better level of service when you shop local, but you also help make your community a better place to live in. Vernon BC has great family owned restaurants, grocery stores, and clothing stores. We hope that with these three reasons, you feel inspired to start shopping locally more often!


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