Coverage that’s as easy as it is tough.


You’re busy answering calls and taking jobs, but you need to protect your business so you can stay in the game. Our contractors insurance specialists make it easy for you to get comprehensive coverage that’s going to stand up.

We serve dozens of contractors and sub-contractors across Alberta and BC, including carpenters, plumbers, painters, cleaners, electricians, landscapers, and welders. When you need to renew your contractors insurance policy but you’re on the site and you can’t stop in or take calls, we’re happy to text you.

Baron helps you with all your insurance needs, including:

  • Bonding
  • Equipment
  • Liability
  • Property
  • Tools

To save you even more time and money, and make life simple, we’ll combine all of your business insurance needs into one policy. One broker, one signature, one premium.

For fast quotes and the best products, call or visit a Baron Insurance location near you. We have two offices in Vernon, and we serve clients across BC and Alberta. 1-877-545-4447

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