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Bonding for Businesses

When you have bonding insurance, potential customers are more likely to hire you for a job. That’s because they know if the job doesn’t get done they’ll be able to recover any losses from your bonding company.

If you’re a general contractor or you’re pursuing government contracts, speak to one of our bonding specialists about how we can help you protect customers and earn more bids.

How is a bond different from insurance?

  • Bonding protects your customer, not you, against loss from theft or damage from your employees.
  • Bonding helps your customer rest assured you’ll perform the job you’ve been hired to do, or they can recover losses from the bonding company.
  • Bonding companies require security or collateral if a claim is made against you.
  • Bonding helps your business grow because you can go after municipal and government contracts.

Protect your customers and boost sales with bonding insurance. Our experienced staff walk you through the bonding application process so you can get a quick response from the insurance underwriters.

For the best rates and a prompt quote, call or visit a Baron Insurance location near you. We have two offices in Vernon, and we serve clients across BC and Alberta. 1-877-545-4447

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