September is Baby Safety Month!

September is national baby safety month! We know that keeping you little one’s safe is your #1 priority. We have put together a few tips for you to keep your baby safe. Try to remember these small tips throughout your baby’s infant years.

1.     In the car:

  • Always use federally approved baby seats when travelling in an automobile.
  • Read safety seat instructions to ensure that you have installed it correctly.
  • NEVER hold your baby in your lap or arms while travelling in a motor vehicle.
  • Car seats should face to the rear of the vehicle until your child is 2 years of age.
  • The safest location for a car seat is in the middle back seat. NEVER put the car seat in the front passenger seat.

2.     Preventing falls:

  • Always place your baby carrier on the floor. Avoid placing it on counters or tables.
  • Never leave your baby alone on a couch, bed, or changing table. It only takes a second for them to roll off.

3.     Bathing safety:

  • Test the water before placing your baby in the bath. Make sure that the water is not too hot.
  • It is suggested to turn your water heater down to around 120°
  • Never leave your baby by themselves in the bath tub.
  • Make sure no appliances, such as hair dryers and radios, are near the water or bathing area.

4.     Toy safety:

  • Always inspect your child’s toys before they start playing with them. Make sure they are not breakable, they do not have small parts that could be snapped off, and are not sharp.
  • Do not give your baby a balloon as they can pop and cause choking.

5.     Feeding safety:

  • Do not prop up your baby’s bottle and leave your child unattended, they could choke.
  • Always use restraining strap in highchairs to prevent them from sliding out.

6.     Other precautions:

  • Have a list of emergency numbers on hand at all times. These should include: your child’s pediatrician, your health care provider, your family doctor, 911, nurse-on-call 24 hour number, poison control, and the fire department.
  • Keep poisonous house plants out of reach.
  • Consider taking a CPR class.

There is an abundance of safety tips that you need to be aware of when your child is a baby. We want to celebrate national baby safety month right and help you through the parenting process. Make sure you are keeping your little ones safe!


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