How To Save Money On Gas This Summer

How to Save Money on Gas This Summer

Gas prices keep going up and somehow, money in our pockets keeps disappearing. Summer vacations, and activities are coming up and your fuel expenses are going to sky rocket during these warmer months. To help you cope with these higher costs, we have a few tips on how to save gas this summer.

1. Check Tire Pressure:

When your tires have the incorrect amount of pressure, your car will have to work harder in order to drive. Checking your tire pressure regularly is an easy way to save on gas.

2. Park in the Shade:

Parking in the shade when you are away from your car will make it much cooler. Not only is it more comfortable to get back into, but it also decreases the amount of gas that will evaporate out of your tank in the heat.

3. Plan Your Errands:

Making a list of what you need and where you need to go before you leave the house will save you lots of time and enable you to only make one trip. A little planning will save a lot of gas when running errands.

4. Carefully Use Your Air Conditioner:

Not many people are aware that your air conditioner uses up fuel. It is best to keep your windows rolled down if you are driving around town.

5. Acceleration:

Accelerating sharply and slowly, both decreases you fuel efficiency. It is best to use a medium, smooth acceleration to get the most out of your gas.

6. Plan Fill Ups:

Knowing the best time to fill your gas tank can be very beneficial. Avoid going to the gas station on weekends as they normally increase their prices.

Hopefully these 6 tips will allow you to enjoy your summer a little bit more and stop you from worrying about rising fuel costs.


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