Ways to Save Energy this Winter

Heating your home can be very expensive. Okanagan winters are cold; many Vernon residents are trying to keep warm while not paying an arm and a leg for energy. Not only that, but using an abundance of energy can also impact the environment. Before just cranking up the heat in your home or cottage, keep some of these tips in mind.

  •  Weather proof windows & doors

This is just a reminder to fill any leaks, cracks, or holes with some caulking. If you have already taken the steps to prevent frozen pipes, you should have taken care of this. However, it is important because just one neglected window can make your furnace work way harder than it is supposed to. This would result in an increased heating bill.

  •   Insulate

Have you ever travelled up to the attic or down to the basement in the middle of winter? You may not think it’s the place you need to keep warm although, you should take a second guess. The heat in the areas of your home that is not insulated, will escape quite easily. Essentially this heat will be lost and send your energy consumption through the roof.

  •   Buy a warm sweater

The easiest way to save some energy and the amount of your heating bills would be to turn the thermostat down. However, if you plan to do this, you may want to invest in a large, warm sweater and a big pair of socks. You need to regulate your body temperature, meaning you cannot walk around in a t-shirt with bare feet all day long.

  •   Check your furnace

Having your furnace maintained and getting it serviced regularly will ensure it is working in its best condition. Make sure that you change the filter and call in a professional, if you have any concerns.

  •   Let the sunshine in

Take advantage of the heat from the sun by opening the curtains on your south-facing windows. Daylight sunshine can naturally heat your home. Make sure to close the curtains during the night reduce the cold draft your feel from your windows.

  •   Be holiday lighting smart

Using LED lights to decorate your home can reduce your energy costs and help you save energy for the environment. Not only that LED lights remains cooler and are less likely to cause a fire. They are more sturdy and durable compared to the standard incandescent bulbs.

Don’t get caught off guard by your heating bill this winter! Take this list and apply it to your home in order to save energy this winter.

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