Safe Boat Fueling Procedures

Summers in full swing and after the large amount of flooding happening in the Okanagan, the lakes are ready for boaters! If you still haven’t gone on the lake this year, it’s not too late! August is going to be full of sunshine and blue skies. We have some safe fueling practices for gassing up your boat while on the lake. Follow these steps for a safe and enjoyable afternoon on the lake:

  • Moore your boat safely to the dock
  • Shut off all motors
  • Ask passengers to exit the boat and wait on the dock or shore
  • Extinguish open flames, such as cigarettes
  • Shut off all electrical equipment, including the stereo
  • Check for any leaks of fuel odors
  • When fueling the boat, keep the gas nozzle against the rim of the hiller pump. This will reduce the chance of a fire
  • Never over fill the tank, and tighten the filler cap
  • Wipe up any spillage and carefully dispose of any towels used
  • If your boat has an enclosed engine compartment, you must run the blower for approximately 4 minutes before starting the engine
  • Check for any vapours from the engine compartment
  • Start the engine while guests are not onboard
  • Have fun!

Raw fuel is extremely dangerous to the environment. It is your responsibility as safe boaters to not spill any fuel into the lakes.

A good rule of thumb for frequent boaters to use is the 1/3 ratio. If you are going out boating it is suggested to have 1/3 gas for the trip, 1/3 for the return in, and 1/3 on reserve just in case.

The last thing to remember is to have your boat insurance up to date and with you while you are on the water. Come into Baron Insurance today and let us take care of that for you!

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