Are you ready to tackle Christmas and Deck the Halls?

We all know that Christmas is in the air when your favorite cafe has their holiday-themed drinks and holiday music is beginning to play on your radio station. Before going to pick out your tree or hang up your lights, let’s go over some important information!

Christmas Lights: May your day be Merry and Bright

To ensure your safety this holiday season, before hanging up your trusty lights you’ve had for years consider these tips.

  • Go LED- these lights remain cooler and are less likely to cause a fire. They are more sturdy and durable compared to the standard incandescent bulbs.
  • Know your location- hanging indoor lights up outdoors, or vice versa, can be very dangerous. Before purchasing new lights, know what strings you will put outside and which ones will go inside.
  • Check for those burned out- test your light strings and replace any burned out or missing bulbs before hanging them up. Lights that are burned out drain power from the entire string which results in dimmer lights.
  • Power down- before going down for the night, turn your lights off. As nice at it is to leave your tree lit up for Santa it is very dangerous and not energy efficient. Consider purchasing a timer that can automatically take care of this for you.

Christmas tree: Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Decorating your Christmas tree every year is one of the most festive holiday traditions. If your family and you go and pick out a real tree every year, there are some safety precautions to take.

  • Fresh is better- Try and find the greenest most moist tree in the lot in order to make sure the tree keeps its needles. Falling, brittle needles can be a fire hazard.
  • Give it water- making sure to give your Christmas tree lots of water will keep it as healthy as can be.
  • Disposal- some communities offer curbside pickup for your Christmas tree when the holidays are over. You can also check with a local recycling center if they will take your tree.

Roof: Up on the House Top

Before trying to hang up your bright display of Christmas light, we have a few safe ladder practices. Don’t be too eager to get your lights up before the rest of your neighborhood. Pick a day when you have lots of time, so you won’t rush, and when the temperature isn’t too cold.

  • Clear the pathway- before putting up a ladder on your walk way, be sure to shovel and de-ice to prevent any slipping or sliding.
  • Bring a friend- make sure that someone is watching and holding your ladder at all times.

Of course don’t lose the fun in decorating your house and decking the halls for Christmas!! Engage the whole family by putting on some Christmas tunes and making a big pot of hot cocoa!!

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