How to Prepare for Back to School

With the end of summer, comes a new school year! August comes to a close and the shorter autumn days bring a hectic calendar, early morning alarm clocks, and homework. With the start of school brings many different challenges for families trying to stay on top of their busy schedule. Baron Insurance has some tips for parents to prepare for the school season that is approaching oh so fast!

Get a Calendar:

School functions, lunch menus, soccer practice, ballet, and music lessons can definitely get confusing! Nothing can completely tame your schedule chaos like a calendar. Instead of having a sea of papers floating around the dining room table, purchase a family calendar to keep track of all your activities, school programs, and volunteer work.

A large paper calendar with squares lets you enter information more easily. While a white board calendar can let you erase and re-write things. Try choosing a calendar format that works best for your family. Most important of all, put your family calendar in a location easily accessible that everyone can look at.

Take the Time to Read:

Having a designated time each night, right before bed or after dinner to read with your children is very important. Not only does reading have academic benefits but reading also has emotional benefits as well.

Reading can improve your child’s focus and concentration. As this is a hard thing to do for many children starting school, beginning to read each night will expand their attention span making it easier for them to sit still in school.

Plan Meals and Mealtime:

Because summertime meal schedules seem to be a little bit less normal, planning meals and mealtime can definitely make your children adjust to school better. Before school starts, you need to make sure your children eat a good and hearty breakfast. Without food, the body will have no fuel to sit still at school until lunch time.

Mixing up your children’s lunches can also be helpful in keeping them interested and wanting to go to school every day. We will post a few different links to lunch time food ideas in the next couple of weeks!! Last, making sure that you eat dinner every night at the same time is essential for providing your children with a schedule they can get used to.

Avoid Sicknesses:

Now that your children are at school, germs will be flying around and sickness is prone to happen. As a parent you need to encourage your young ones to wash their hands! Also, making sure that your children get enough sleep every night can significantly reduce the chance of getting a cold or flu.



We hope that everyone has the best first day back to school ever! Take advantage of these tips and this school year can be the most organized and educational one yet. Remember parents that school zones are now in effect! So take extra precaution when driving your kiddos to school.

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