Packing Smartly

Are you preparing to leave home and visit family for the holidays? Or maybe you are already preparing for a trip in the New Year? Whatever sort of fun vacation plans you may have throughout the winter, you want to make the most of your luggage load. Travelling with an over sized suitcase and heavy carry-on bag can be pretty uncomfortable. We have a few tips on how packing smartly can lighten your load and keep your important belongings safe.

1.     Never check your valuables

Checking your luggage in general, can be quite a big pain. If you are leaving on a trip for more than four days, chances are you can’t fit everything in a carry-on bag. Therefore, if you are planning on checking a luggage bag never put special, high valued items in them. They can get opened by airport employees, lost during layovers, or even stolen off the luggage wheel after the flight.

2.     Roll your clothes

You can conserve space and avoid wrinkles in your clothing by rolling instead of folding. Fold your garments in half the long way, and then roll them up tightly.

3.     Carry essentials with you

Some things are a bit too risky to stuff in your big luggage bag. Essentials like medication, contact lens solution, money, make-up, and a clean pair of underwear should be kept with you. Your luggage could get stolen or lost for a few days leaving you without your important items.

4.     Assume that anything can leak

Sometimes people can find out this the hard way. Things like sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion should be put in a Ziploc bag. You don’t want to risk spilling something gooey all over your wardrobe, especially if you are travelling somewhere without washing machines.

5.     Pack items in your shoes

Travelling in the winter generally means you are packing sneakers and boots that take up quite a bit of room. You should take advantage of this extra space by putting small items like socks and charging cables in them.

6.     Research your airline

Before you fly, make sure that you check with your airlines size and weight restrictions for luggage. You want to avoid paying any extra fees if your luggage weight goes over the maximum amount. Also, check that your carry-on luggage is small enough to fit in the overhead bins. A few extra inches or pounds can make a big difference.

We want you to have a fun and safe vacation without the hassle of packing problems. Definitely consider these skillful packing tips.

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