Must Have Items to Keep in your Car

Let’s admit it; your car is probably home to a coffee mug, a handful of stale French fries, and some old receipts. Does it contain the items that you might need in the case of an emergency? Lots of us could not survive for three days off of the stuff we have in our cars.

We made a checklist of items that could potentially help you on your next road trip or trip to the grocery store. Most of these items are small, won’t take up any room at all and some are even household items that you already have.

Emergencies and Repairs

Jumper Cables- You never know what can happen, but if you come across someone stranded on the side of the road, giving them a boost can really save their day. Make sure to check your owner’s manual to confirm the type of cables you can safely use on your car!

Windshield wiper fluid- In the winter, the highways of the Okanagan can be very messy. Keeping an extra jug of windshield washer fluid can be extremely useful so you are never driving blind.

Tire Gauge- A tire pressure gauge is something super small that you can throw in your glove box. If your tire loses air all of a sudden and you are at the gas station not knowing how much pressure your tires should hold, having a gauge on hand can be very helpful.

Health and Safety

Flashlight- Even though your phone has an app for a flashlight, it is really convenient to carry a flashlight around in order to check out a hot engine or look for any leaks. If you are somewhere remote, wasting your phone battery on the flashlight app can be dangerous.

Basic first aid kit- Keeping an elaborate medical supplies kit on you at all times is not necessarily required, however a small kit of essentials can be handy. Things like bandages, burn cream, antibacterial ointment, and pain reliever can keep you in good condition until help arrives.

Food & Water- Nothing elaborate here, just keeping food with a long self-life, like protein bars, can keep you going for many hours! Throwing a few bottles of water in your car can also come in hand from time to time.

Blankets- Even if the weather is nice, you may never know what could happen. Having a blanket in the trunk of your car can keep you warm if you are stranded for a few hours at night.


Insurance papers and registration- Keeping your important insurance papers in your glove box at all times is super important. In the event of any accident, being able to contact your insurance carrier and exchange information is essential.

Remember that smart drivers are always prepared in case of an emergency. All you need to do is put together this list and stick it in the trunk of your car. You never know what sort of situation you could get into.

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