Motorcycle Safety

Freedom, the wind hitting your face, and the smell of fresh air in the summer is what the motorcycle hype is all about. Hitting the road and going for a joy ride is what all motorcyclists enjoy. However, we must all remember that motorcycles are smaller than passenger vehicles, they are harder to see and don’t offer the protection of seat belts or airbags.

The Okanagan in particular has the perfect weather for riding your motorcycle from point A to point B, or even hitting the highway for a road trip. However, getting in an accident will make that joy ride a lot less enjoyable. Getting in an accident as a motorcyclist is more fatal than any other driver in a vehicle. It is important to remember that there are many different ways to protect yourself.

The first step to riding safely is wearing a helmet. Many riders ignore putting a helmet on to avoid helmet hair, looking silly, or because they like the wind rushing through their hair. A helmet cannot prevent a serious accident; however it is able to prevent one from being fatal.

Your motorcycle should also be equipped with working equipment in good condition. This includes, lights, brakes, blinkers, and tire pressure. As motorcycles are already hard to see, not having working lights or blinkers can cause serious accidents. Checking your brakes every season before taking your bike out of the garage is recommended as nobody wants to get in an accident because of faulty brakes.

The next thing, of course, is insurance! You never want to be caught at fault for an accident and not be properly insured for it. We do not want any of our clients caught is serious liabilities, being required to pay medical expenses and property damage out of their own pockets. Your insurance agent is supposed to protect you from paying for the consequences of another motorist’s serious mistake.

We want to know what your favorite thing is about riding a motorcycle, where the best places to go are, and how you make sure you are safe. Comment in the space below or on our Facebook page

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