How to Lower your Insurance Premiums

Now that everyone is settled back into your regular routines, the holidays are all over and you are used to your schedule again it is time to start thinking about some things you have neglected over the past few months. During this long stretch between Christmas and Spring break is the perfect time to touch up on things you’ve needed to get done. One of those things might include talking to your insurance provider about your insurance premiums.

Have you recently gotten your renewal reminder in the mail and for some reason your premium has gone up a substantial amount from last year?

Unfortunately, insurance is overlooked. However, having the right insurance agent to seek out options and discounts that are available for you is extremely handy. We have a few tips on how to lower your home insurance premiums.

  1. Increase your deductible: Your deductible is the specific amount of money that you, as the insured, will pay before an insurance company will pay for your claim. If your deductible is at $500, consider increasing it to $1,000 or even $2,500 to decrease your premium.
  2. Inquire about discounts: Not all insurance companies offer discounts however, you should ask your broker about discounts. Some may include:
    1. Mortgage Free
    2. Mature Citizen
    3. New Home construction
    4. Claims Free
    5. Loyalty
  3. Deal with a broker: who represents an abundance of different insurance companies. They will be able to shop around and find you the best premium with the best coverage.
  4. Give Credit Consent: Some insurance companies will offer a substantial discount if you give credit consent. It is a soft credit check which means that it won’t show up on your credit rating as if you were applying for a loan. They give discounts because statistically, people with good credit scores have a lower frequency of claims.
  5. Security: Some insurance companies will consider offering a lower premium if you have a good security system installed in your house. Things like a carbon monoxide detector, dead bolt locks, or monitored burglar alarms.

Baron Insurance has access to multiple insurance companies. Our home insurance agents have up to date knowledge on each one and are here to help you. We want to find you the best insurance policy with the lowest premium. Come in and talk to us today!

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