There are A LOT of Homes Uninsured… Don’t be among them!


The short answer is… Yes!

Your house is often the largest financial investment that you will make in your lifetime. Without protecting it with insurance, your most valuable asset is vulnerable to fire, theft, and other disasters.

However, home insurance is more than just a policy that protects fire, hail, rain, and theft; it represents “Peace of Mind”! It can help you pay for big expenses that you couldn’t afford after a disaster- for example, the cost of replacing your home and all your possessions after a fire. It can also help pay for additional living expenses in the event that you are unable to temporary live in your home.

We all know that unlike car insurance, house insurance is not required by law. Although, many mortgage holders and/or banks will require you to show proof that you have home insurance before they lend you any money to buy a house.

Baron Insurance understands that home insurance coverage can be costly for families and they may need to spend their income on other things. But, insurance, no matter how big or small, is important for protecting your “peace of mind” and your overall financial likelihood.

Natural weather disasters seem to be occurring more frequently, which gives you even more reason to look into a home insurance policy that will fit your needs. Insurance can be a stressful and difficult process. You may have a hard time reading the fine print, and understanding what all this insurance lingo means, or you may need help trying to fit the payments into your monthly expenses. Whatever your doubts are about getting a home insurance policy, we would like to straighten them out! Come in to talk to an insurance agent today and see what we can do to help.

So, give Baron Insurance a call today and have the correct home insurance policy and coverage for your home!

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