Keep your Dog Cool this Summer

As most of our local clients know, both our branch locations are pet friendly! With the warmer weather here to stay, it is important to take care of our furry friends to ensure they are protected from the sun. As a dog owner, we have a duty to pay close attention to our dogs because their signs of dehydration and heat stroke are less obvious than humans.

Here’s how to keep your best four legged friends safe from the heat:


Taking your dog for a walk is a part of their regular routine and exercise is crucial. However with the sun beating down during the major part of the day, we suggest walking your canine in the early morning or evening hours. The sun is less strong, which will make the pavement temperature more bearable for your dog’s paws. Consider walking your dog through the woods where the grass won’t burn any paws and the trees provide shade.


It is super easy to remember to get up and drink a glass of water when you’re thirsty, but remembering to fill your canine’s water dish up is not as evident. Panting is a way for your dog to cool themselves down, not necessarily a sign of dehydration. However, if your dog is excessively panting, give them some water in the shade. If your friend does become dehydrated they may have dry gums and nose, sunken eyes and exhibit signs of weakness, bring them to the vet immediately.


When the seasons change, you may notice your dog begin to shed its coat. When this happens, it is important to groom them. Taking them to a professional groomer will make your pup feel a lot cooler because their fur tends to trap heat.

Indoor Heat

Before leaving your house for a day of work or errands, turn on your AC unit and close the drapes. Remember that if you’re hot inside, chances are your dog is too!  Consider investing in a large fan to help your dog cool off in the hot summer months.

Car Rides

Never leave your friend alone in your car! Even if you think you may be a few minutes and have the window cracked, your car will still reach very high temperatures. Be responsible about your dog and don’t cause them discomfort. If you can’t take your dogs inside with you, leave them home.

However, remember that our branches are pet friendly!!  We have dog bandanas, fresh cold water, and organic treats on hand. We would love to see your four legged friend!

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