Just Married? Insurance tips

Summer is the time of many weddings! Newlyweds have tied the knot, thrown the bouquet, and celebrated with friends and family. However, after all the fun you need to take care of all the paperwork that comes with marriage. After getting married and making it official, you need to check some insurance to-dos off of your list.

1.    Bundle your policies:

Now that you have tied the knot, you can tie your insurance policies together! Bundling your insurance policies can save you lots of money on the premiums.

2.    Talk to your broker:

When you get married and move in together you need to let your broker know that you are living with another licensed driver. Even if you each have your own vehicle, you need to tell your insurance broker that you are married. Be prepared to both come into the office and provide your own information.

3.    Take advantage of discounts:

When you are in the office asking your brokers to bundle your home and car insurance policies, you should ask if you qualify for any discounts.

4.    Insure your bling:

Engagement rings and wedding bands are expensive!! Even though your home insurance covers your jewelry, there is a coverage limit for a combined amount. Therefore, you may need some extra coverage on your new diamond ring. Contact your home agent today and see what your coverage limit is.

5.    Take inventory:

Now that you’ve made your vows, your belongings have now probably doubled in size. Having more belongings can be hard to remember. Therefore, you need to take some time and update your home inventory. We wrote a blog about making a home inventory here: https://baroninsurance.com/home-inventory/. In the event of a disaster you want to make filling a claim as easy as possible!!

After you say “I do”, there are definitely a lot of insurance related tasks you need to take care of. However, don’t be too overwhelmed because the brokers at Baron can take care of everything for you. Come in to one of our two locations and chat today. Congratulations!!

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