Insurance for You and Your Snowmobile

With the snow beginning to stick to the ground, it is definitely time to start thinking about snowmobile insurance! Before you head up the mountain to find untouched snow, you need to review your insurance policy. There are two things to consider when purchasing off road vehicle insurance; third party liability and physical damage insurance.

All off-road vehicles are required to be registered within BC. It costs owners $48.00 to register and plate their snowmobile through ICBC.

Third Party Liability:

Third party liability insurance is important because it offers protection from legal liability that arises from the ownership and operation of your snowmobile. This insurance covers any injury, death to others, or property damage from the use of off-road vehicles.

Carrying $200,000 in third party liability is required if you cross any highway or forest service road in BC. You can purchase third party liability through ICBC or a private company such as Oasis Got Toys, which our Baron offices offer.

Physical Damage Insurance:

Physical damage insurance is like comprehensive insurance in that it protects your snowmobile from any theft, fire, vandalism, or damage. This is intended to save owners the financial burden of replacing their off-road vehicle.

Oasis also offers physical damage coverage that carries a $500 deductible to provide you peace of mind. To get more information visit a Baron branch and have a chat with an agent.

Why you need Insurance:

It is nice to get away from the 9-to-5 grind, however you still need to abide by the rules. Just because your snowmobile is an off-road vehicle does not warrant neglecting insurance. Insurance is often an afterthought for snowmobile owners, because they are similar in nature to recreational equipment. However, your snowmobile is a vehicle and it comes with liabilities you need to insure!

Come in to one of our two convenient locations in Vernon BC and purchase insurance that is right for you and your snowmobile.

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