Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a week away and you may be having a hard time trying to find the perfect gift for your significant other. Nothing says “I love you” like something that is made be your own two hands. We want you to consider making something more heart felt for your loved one. Forget the expensive cards, flowers, and chocolate and instead do-it-yourself! Plus, you can save a lot of money!

Here are some examples of homemade Valentine’s Day gifts:

52 Reasons I love you

All you need for this gift is a deck of cards, some creative sayings, a hole-punch, paper, glue, a sharpie, and some string.

Punch two holes in each card as if your deck of cards is a book that you are binding together. Create 52 reasons why you love someone and write them out on a piece of paper small enough to glue on the cards. Using glue, attach the inserts on to the cards. Create all 52 reasons and sit aside to dry. Thread string through the holes in every card.

This is a perfect, heartfelt, creative, and loving way to show your loved one how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day!

“I love you because….” Picture Frame

This idea is perfect, super simple, and will last you a very long time!

Purchase a 8×10 picture frame from the dollar store and make a word document template with the saying, “I love you because _________”. Insert the blank document in the picture frame. Every week write on the line, outside of the glass why you love them in an erasable marker.

This Valentine’s Day is super sweet. You can hang it on the wall in your living room or kitchen to keep your loved one guessing every single week.

Date Night Jar

This date night jar is another super simple gift that will keep on giving throughout the whole year. If you are in a relationship and seem to have a hard time deciding what you should do, this is the perfect idea.

Get a clean glass gar and wrap some ribbon along the top to make it look decorative. Cut out rectangular shapes of paper and write out date night ideas on them. For example, a movie, mini golf, romantic dinner, or go out for ice cream. Add each slip of paper into the jar until it is full. Write on the jar or the lid “Fun and Romantic Date Night Ideas!” You can decorate the jar however you would like. Have some fun with it. Close the lid and you are ready!

We hope that you take advantage of some of these great home-made Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Do you and your loved ones have any special plans for Valentine’s Day? Feel free to tell us about them below.


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