Holiday Parking Lot Safety

Clearly the holiday season is a buy and hectic time. The roads and parking lots become crowded and slippery from the snow. With everyone going out, trying to get everything on their lists and catching the latest sales, it can get very exhausting. Yes, you- and just about everyone else- is in a rush to get your shopping done and over with, but don’t be in such a hurry to neglect safe driving and safety tips. We want you to be mindful of these things when you are navigating your way through the parking lots this holiday season.

Drive with caution:

Parking lots are filled with cars speeding along, trying to quickly get where they need to be, fighting over parking stalls. They also have an abundance of blind spots, way more than the typical road. Watch out for pedestrians, and be careful when backing into a spot. Make sure you don’t collide with any people or other cars; just drive slowly and with caution.

Walk carefully:

Many shopping malls and plazas throw down salt or sand in their parking lots to ensure that pedestrians do not slip on the ice. However, it is important to watch where you are walking and avoid slipping on any ice or snow. Also watch out for cars around you, it is their job to avoid you, but remember it is a hectic season.

Watch where you park:

Deciding where to park is very crucial during Christmas time because of thieves, pickpockets, carjackers, and vandals. Park in well-lit areas and always lock your vehicle with the windows rolled up. Put all your packages in the trunk before leaving one parking lot and driving to another. Wait until your next shopping destination won’t allow others to see the packages in your car and then leaving your vehicle unattended.

Have insurance:

Driving during the holiday season, in winter weather is just too risky to not be covered. Keep yourself protected with an auto insurance policy that will protect you, your vehicle, and your family in the event of an accident. You already have enough expenses this time of year, adding vehicle repair costs and medical bills will be too much!

Malls and shopping centers will be jam packed this season. Unpredictable traffic changes and preoccupied drivers cause thousands of accidents per year. You should be extra cautious of your surroundings this holiday season.


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