Holiday Decorations and Home Insurance

Christmas is widely known as the time we all get to decorate our homes inside and out. From the Christmas tree, to the lights on your house; there is a wide variety of bulbs and colors to choose from. There are a few of us that only throw a string up along the porch or roof of our house to show our Christmas spirit. Other families like to go all out for the Christmas season covering everything in sight with decorations.

What we all need to make sure of, is that we take every necessary precaution to make sure that all decorations are placed and plugged in correctly. As homeowners, we have an obligation to make sure that our house is safe, even during the holiday season. This means that make sure the tree on our front yard with thousands of twinkling lights on it, doesn’t spontaneously combust. Electrical decorations are extremely dangerous if the proper steps are not taken to ensure there are enough outlets and routers to handle the lights.

We are pretty sure that you do not want to file a home insurance claim because the blow up Santa on your front lawn has caused a fire!

We are just writing to you, to make sure that you have all the necessary safety features in place to ensure that your home does not have a fire. We love seeing all your decorations up when we drive through Vernon, don’t take us the wrong way! We just do not want to see you walk into our office the next day and file a claim. Let’s all work together to decorate the town up for Christmas, but also keep it safe at the same time!!

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