Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a very exciting time of year. Your children get to dress up as their favorite character, their aspiring career, or their role model and trick-or-treat through the neighborhood. With all the excitement of finding your favorite costume and collecting goodies, it is easy to forget about safety. We want to address a few safety tips that would be scary to forget this Halloween!

Safe Style- It is no doubt that everyone wants an awesome costume; however don’t let safety take the back seat when choosing one. Bright costumes are ideal for trick-or-treating safety. You also want to make sure that your child’s costume fits properly to avoid tripping and falling. If the costume requires a face mask, make sure that it doesn’t obstruct your child’s view. Your safety is more important than how you look.

Light Up- the later it gets, the darker it gets! Make sure you don’t leave the house without a flashlight, glow stick, or battery powered candle. This will help you avoid running into things and know where you are walking. Battery powered candles provide a safer alternative than real candles, but remember an extra set of batteries.

Stick Together- Make sure that you trick-or-treat with a group. Make sure you discuss group rules before heading you for the night. If one person goes missing, a wild hunt will break out to find your missing friend. Stay on a set path and don’t wander into an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Use Sidewalks/ Crosswalks- Many people treat Halloween night differently than any other night, which is dangerous. The same rules are still set in place. It is not safe to assume that cars will just see you because it is Halloween. Use designated sidewalks and crosswalks whenever they are available.

Take Extra Precautions- You can never be too safe, a few extra precautions on Halloween night are:

  • Attach an ID card to your child’s candy bag- include your name and contact information.
  • Inspect your child’s candy before they eat it- if it looks tampered with; remove it!
  • Teach children to keep their eyes up and put their electronic devices down- especially crossing the street.
  • Tell your children to not cut across yards or walk through neighbor’s backyards.
  • Walk, don’t run!

We want you to be aware that ghosts, ghouls, and monsters aren’t the only thing to be scared of this Halloween. Trick-or-treating has many potential accidents and dangers. Above all; to avoid any Halloween problems that children may face, use common sense!

Take a few of these tips to help your children be safe this Halloween!


Safe kids (www.safekids.org)


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