Getting over the Holiday Blues

Let’s face it, it’s January.

Cold, dark, and dreary January, matched with the dullness of a house stripped from holiday decorations, family, and friends.

Your children are slugging through the long boring period between winter break and spring break. There is no more excitement for the holidays, or distractions from their homework. They go to school and their extra-curricular activities, and come home only to bug you.

However, as you throw away your crowded December calendar, you realize the brand new 2018 calendar hanging on the fridge is completely blank. Your January is starting look a little boring.

However, wait a minute! There is another side to January!

The freshness of a new calendar doesn’t actually seem too bad. Your house is clean and decluttered from Christmas tinsel and your holiday guest belongings. The feeling of no more running around in the craziness that December brings. You finally realize, after sipping your second cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, that you actually have energy to spare! Perhaps January is a start to something better rather than the dreary end to 2016.

Bring it on!

Look at it this way, January is one twelfth of the year! If you like it or not, we need to conquer it and enjoy what it has in store for us. Head outside- just because the holidays are over does not mean that you need to stay inside. There is still plenty of snow up on the ski hill that will take care of the extra energy you seem to have. Take the time to teach your children how to ski, or skate, or snowboard.

Yes, January is the month where everybody watches their bank account because they went a little over board on a special someone’s gifts. That’s okay too! This cold season can be spent indoors, cuddled up in wool blankets, sipping hot cocoa, and watching your favorite movie. Or, take a walk outside in the snow, throw on your mittens and winter jacket and have a snowball fight!

Learn to love winter.

Winter is not all about the craziness of December. Going Christmas shopping, making elaborate meals, decorating your home, and housing your family members is fun and all, but after 2 weeks you are over the holidays. This doesn’t mean you are over winter.

Look out the window and appreciate the freshly fallen snow. It’s the stuff of postcards! Talk to anyone that lives where there is sun all year round and they will tell you how beautiful and peaceful they think falling snow is.

And remember… Spring is on its way!

Now that you have found a new appreciation for winter and January, spring won’t feel that far away! In a few short months, the buzz and excitement of spring will be worth the cold and dreary January! You will soon be able to walk outside with a light sweater and declare that January wasn’t so bad!


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