september equinox

First Day of Fall- September Equinox

Well, first we would like to say “Hello Fall!”

Even though it happens every year, it always seems to be a slight surprise for everyone. The weather all of a sudden gets colder, there is pumpkin-spice-everything everywhere, and you are suddenly putting on sweaters and boots. Although, after a long and hot August; the feelings of fall are kind of exciting.

Thanks to the September Equinox, we shift from hot summer to cozy fall. With its vibrant colors and crisp days, autumn is a favorite season for many people.

About the equinox:

Now, the first day of fall is more than what meets the eye. There are a lot of neat facts about the equinox, let’s look at a few:

  • There are two equinoxes every year, Vernal and Autumnal. Vernal marks the beginning of spring and Autumnal marks the beginning of fall.
  • The Autumnal equinox happens when the sun crosses the celestial equator.
  • From now on, the days will get shorter and the nights longer until the winter solstice in December.
  • The equinoxes happen at the same moment everywhere around the world, regardless of time zones.

Signs of fall:

In many regions of North America, the landscape and scenery explode with vibrant colors of red, orange, and yellow. The leaves begin to fall from the trees, which leaves fun for kids and work for parents. Baseball season is just winding down and football season is just warming up. Temperatures have begun to drop, the nights start to get longer, and the woodland creatures are storing up for winter.

Fall is a fantastic time, especially here in Vernon BC. You can enjoy everything the Okanagan has to offer including the hiking and biking trails, wineries, and the gorgeous scenery. Baron Insurance is pleased to welcome fall and celebrate the September equinox.


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