Energy Saving Tips

Sunday June 5th is World Environment Day! What better way torecycle-29227_1280 celebrate this day than to talk about some energy saving tips? Making these small changes will help you save money in the long run. Take the time to get your family accustomed to these suggestions.

Some of these energy saving tips are simple to do while others require a lot of time and effort. Begin making small changes around your home and you will begin to see big savings throughout the years.

Turn things off:

Now this may seem quite straight-forward, but a simple reminder goes a long way. Before you leave a room, the house, or go to sleep make sure you are taking the time to turn off any unnecessary devices, such as lights, fans, and televisions.

Air dry your clothes:

With these summer months coming around the corner you do not always have to be using you dryer. You can easily set up a clothes line in the back yard and hang up your garments during the day.

Use natural light:

Instead of turning the lights on when you come home, open those window coverings. On sunny days, those South facing windows provide lots of natural light and heat. Make sure to keep your drapes closed during the night.

Take shorter showers:

Cutting your shower time can save you a large amount of water. Shortening your shower by 4 minutes is proven to save 3650 gallons of water per year. This will also save the energy that is required to heat the water.

Turn water off:

When you are shaving, brushing your teeth, or washing your hands, you do not need to leave the water running. Turning your faucet off in between use will reduce your hot water usage.

Use fans:

Instead of using your air conditioner, make use of your overhead ceiling fans. Your air conditioner is an energy consumer and takes the most energy when you aren’t even home. Ceiling fans can be a useful substitute even during those hot summer days.

Consult a home performance contractor:

To achieve large savings, it is best to consult a professional and ask them to perform an audit of your whole house using tools that will measure your home energy efficiency.

Take advantage of these energy saving tips! Let’s all celebrate together and commit to making a few small changes around our houses in order to save energy, money, and most importantly, the environment!!



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