Driving Safety Tips

We want your time on the road to be as safe as possible. Today, we drive safer cars on safer roads. However, with the hustle and bustle of these summer months, we want everyone to be driving safely. The best way to reduce your risk of being in an accident is to practice driving safety tips.

Whether you are new to driving or have been behind the wheel for decades, it is best to review some basic safe diving rules. Here are a few driving safety tips that will bring you and your passengers to your destination safely.

1.     Don’t Drink and Drive:

Alcohol causes numerous impairments that lead to car accidents. Even a low blood-alcohol level reduces reaction time and coordination which causes drivers to make foolish decisions. While a high blood-alcohol level can cause blurred vision and even loss of consciousness. Drunk driving isn’t just a bad idea; it is also against the law!

Avoiding drunk driving is actually very easy. If you are planning to drink, make sure that you have a designated driver. If you have been drinking, ask a sober friend or family member to drive you home or call a cab. The small inconvenience of taking a cab home is very minimal compared to the terrible consequences of driving drunk.

2.     Don’t Speed:

Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to car accidents. When you speed, you are a hazard to your own life as well as everyone else’s around you. Speeding causes to people to lose control of their vehicle and reduce stopping time. You can also damage yours, or someone else’s vehicle, or worse, possibly kill someone. Furthermore, you will have to pay tickets and be given demerit points towards your license. Take your time and obey the posted speed limit.

3.     Avoid Distractions:

We can all agree that driving while texting or talking on your phone is a huge distraction. Many fatal accidents occur because of cell phone involvement. We want you to be as safe as you possibly can be on the road, and we also want your fellow drivers to be safe when they are on the road.

It isn’t just cellphones that can cause distracted driving. Eating, applying makeup, changing the music or chatting with passengers can also distract you from driving safely. The best suggestion when driving is to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

4.     Don’t Drive when you’re Tired:

Driving when you are tired is very risky and possible fatal. While it doesn’t claim the same dishonor as driving under the influence or driving while texting, it is still very dangerous. Focus on driving when you have the most energy. For most people, this is around 11am and 7pm. Good nutrition will enhance the effects of a proper sleep. Stay hydrated and eat small portions frequently. If you are driving for a long time, it is recommended to have a buddy. You will be able to rest in shifts which will reduce drowsiness greatly.

5.     Wear your Seat Belt:

Now, this is kind of self-explanatory. Your seat belt is located in your car for a reason. You have a greater chance of surviving in a car crash if you are wearing your seat belt. At low speeds a crash can send an unbelted person into the dash board or windshield. Where, at high speeds an unbelted person has a possibly gruesome fate. We want you to buckle up!

The amount of deaths that occur every year from unsafe driving are enormous. Whether you are taking a short drive for groceries or a long-distance highway trip, we want you to arrive at your destination safely. Please, take caution when you are driving and consider our driving safety tips!


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