Common Moving Mistakes

When it comes to moving, whether across the country or just across town, it takes a lot of careful planning. We are here to remind you that there is more to moving than throwing your belongings into a few boxes and renting a moving truck.   You can make moving a breeze, if you successfully avoid these common moving mistakes!

Not Planning:

“Winging it” is not going to cut it. When it comes to moving, procrastination is your worst enemy and planning is your best friend! There is a lot to do, from travel arrangements, hiring moving companies, creating a budget, notifying the appropriate companies of your change of address, and eliminating your clutter. Making sure that everything is in order months before the actual move can be a large benefit.

Packing Too Much:

Moving with unnecessary items can not only be a big burden, but will also increase your costs and take up time. Deciding to go through and declutter your possessions prior to your move can lightening your load and make moving so much easier. Consider donating your unwanted items to charity or giving them to friends or family that could benefit from them.

Hiring an Unknown Moving Company:

Researching moving company’s weeks before your big move can be critical. Getting a referral from a friend or family member about a moving company can be helpful. Or, check the Better Business Bureau in order to find one with good reviews and experience. Choosing the wrong moving company may result in large charges, damaged or stolen property, or late deliveries.

Insufficient Insurance:

Moving can be tough on all of your belonging, valuable or not. Anything can potentially get damaged, even if you pack with the utmost care! Getting familiar with your home insurance before moving day can be very beneficial. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the idea of something getting damaged, you can feel confident that your insurance agent has everything covered. It is also helpful to check with your moving company and see what kind of liability coverage they hold.

Let’s remember that moving can be very stressful and hard on everyone in your family. Coming to Baron Insurance before you move, to check your home insurance and change your address can remove that unwanted worry. Take our advice and avoid these common moving mistakes very easily.

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