Child Passenger Safety Tips

Child passenger safety is a critical component of your child’s safety every single day. Unfortunately, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death to children. However, motor vehicle crash deaths can be reduced if the child is properly constrained.

We here at Baron Insurance want to raise awareness of child passenger safety and provide our community with education and safety tips. To learn more about keeping your child safe in motor vehicles, keep reading.

Pick the Right Car Seat

Car seats can reduce a child’s chance of injury by a significant amount. However, in order for your car seat to be effective, you have to have the right one. It should be right for your child’s size and age. Furthermore, your car seat should be the right fit for your vehicle. Children grow fast and it is common to have to change car seats frequently.

Booster Seats

Booster seats are another life saver. If your child is between the ages of four and eight, he/she should be in a booster seat when travelling in a motor vehicle. Seat belts alone are not enough to reduce the risk of injury for young children.

Back Seat

The back seat of your vehicle is the safest place for your child. Children 12 and under who are too old or large for a booster seat should always sit in the back of a moving vehicle. Parents should always make their kids ride in the back seat as it is the safest place for them.

Seat Belts

Seat belts should be worn at all times and by everyone, who is of age, in a motor vehicle. Parents- set a good example for your kids and remember to always put on your seat belt as soon as you get in the car. A lap and shoulder belt provides the best protection for your children in the car.

Make sure the ones you love are safe and secure in the car on every trip!


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