Cell Phone Courtesy Tips

Cell phones have become extremely popular throughout the last couple of years, especially smart phones. Users need to be aware of their cell phone habits and when they should and should not use them. Here are some courtesy tips for using your cell phones in the work environment.

We are all aware that cellphones are essential in this day and age because you have your calendar, contacts, and many other useful information stored on there. However, there is still an etiquette one should follow regarding your cell phone use at work.

Turn your ringer off:

Nobody should hear your personal phone go off when you are working. If you do not want to turn your phone off completely, at least set it to silent or vibrate.

Let your calls go to voicemail:

You should not be taking personal phone calls at work. If your phone rings, allow it go to voicemail and call the person back after work.

Don’t bring your phone into the restroom:

You may not know who else is in the restroom and you do not want the person on the other end of the line hearing bathroom sounds. This rule should apply whether you are at work, or not.

Do not bring your phone to a meeting:

During a one-on-one meeting or a company wide meeting your phone should be kept outside the room. Do not use it to text, read or post updates, or play games. Be fully engaged with what is being said and keep your eyes on whomever is speaking.

Inform your colleagues:

Occasionally, one is expecting a very important call that will run through your work hours. In this case, inform your boss and coworkers of this phone call. Communication is essential to a smooth operating business and doesn’t give any chances for assumptions.

As technology improves, our responsibilities evolve. Always be aware and mindful of your surroundings when you are on the phone. At all costs, avoid your cell phone at work.


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