Homeowners Insurance and Backyard Fire Pits

With summer nights in full swing, homeowners are picturing ways to enjoy their backyards. Accessorizing the backyard means ponds, vegetable gardens, and fire pits! Whether you’re roasting marshmallows with the kids or enjoying some time with your friends, the appeal of an outdoor fire pit is easy to see. Deciding whether to purchase or build […]

Staying Cool this Summer with Ways to Beat the Heat

1818With the summer weather in full force it isn’t fun to stay indoors all day. Who doesn’t love going on a picnic or a summer bike ride in the middle of a warm summer day? All of us! However with the sun shining bright, the temperature rises and the heat can become uncomfortable. Dehydration and […]

Keep your Dog Cool this Summer

As most of our local clients know, both our branch locations are pet friendly! With the warmer weather here to stay, it is important to take care of our furry friends to ensure they are protected from the sun. As a dog owner, we have a duty to pay close attention to our dogs because […]

Common Moving Mistakes

When it comes to moving, whether across the country or just across town, it takes a lot of careful planning. We are here to remind you that there is more to moving than throwing your belongings into a few boxes and renting a moving truck.   You can make moving a breeze, if you successfully avoid […]

Must Have Items to Keep in your Car

Let’s admit it; your car is probably home to a coffee mug, a handful of stale French fries, and some old receipts. Does it contain the items that you might need in the case of an emergency? Lots of us could not survive for three days off of the stuff we have in our cars. […]

Backyard Barbecue Tips

It’s the time of year for you to start hosting your friends for a backyard barbecue. We have some ideas to upgrade the usual barbecue and create something that can be a little more memorable, while staying safe! Best Recipes Coming up with new ideas for a classic backyard barbecue is difficult. Sure, everyone loves […]

Avoiding Home Renovation Disasters

The spring like weather has everyone dreaming about a new kitchen, a brand new deck, or a fresh coat of paint in their living room. As there is no problem tackling home renovations by yourself, we have all heard the horror stories of a DIY project gone wrong. Hitting an obstacle that increases your costs […]

Spring Cleaning Guide

Now that the weather is finally looking up and the forecast is predicting a break from all the rain, we know lots of you still need to do your spring cleaning. The Okanagan has been filled with water this month, including lots of people’s basements. Everyone has been pushing off their spring cleaning, because it […]

Motorcycle Safety

Freedom, the wind hitting your face, and the smell of fresh air in the summer is what the motorcycle hype is all about. Hitting the road and going for a joy ride is what all motorcyclists enjoy. However, we must all remember that motorcycles are smaller than passenger vehicles, they are harder to see and […]