Baron’s Personal Lines Insurance Brokers

At Baron Insurance, we work for you! We always take your best interest at heart and work to find you the best rates and policies to help fit your needs. Your home is your everything and often the biggest financial investment that you will ever make in your life. That is why finding the right home insurance policy for you, is our number one priority!

We say that your home is where birthday candles are blown out, Christmas presents are unwrapped, and movies are screened at the end of a long, hard week. It is the office, the produce aisle, and the motel for your in-laws.

To be brief, a lot of special things happen under the roof of your home. And… a lot of special items also live under the roof of your home. If something were to happen, like a fire, you may lose everything! That is why we are here. To provide you with a custom home insurance policy that will protect your biggest financial asset along with everything contained in it.

Let us introduce you to our personal lines staff who are willing to help you today!

Stephanie Wapple

Stephanie works at Baron’s Anderson Way branch, and in addition to selling personal lines, she’s also a supervisor, training new team members to understand complex policy wordings and acting as a source of support when they have questions. She enjoys helping both staff and clients as much as she loves being a part of the Baron family.

Savanna Adams

Savanna enjoys being able help clients with hard to place homeowners insurance, and she lends a helpful, sympathetic ear to clients calling because they’ve just had a flood or a car accident. Clients and coworkers alike enjoy Savanna’s friendly nature and her commitment to customer service.

Alice Ramsey

Alice is glad to know she’s helped them choose coverage that will help save their hard-earned homes. She has a positive, loves-to-laugh outlook that helps clients feel at ease and trust that she has their best interest in mind.

Darleen Klymchuk

Darleen joined Baron Insurance with lots of previous home insurance knowledge. Today she works at Baron giving home owners a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind when they come to her for home insurance.

Lora Fry

Lora is Baron’s lead personal lines trainer and mentor, onboarding new staff and helping auto broker’s move into home insurance. Lora also hosts regular personal lines team meetings to help brokers stay on top of changing policies and share best practices.

Nancy House

Nancy likes helping clients feel valued as they invest hard-earned money in protecting their most prized possessions. When a claim comes in, Nancy is always there to lend an ear and her time to lighten the load for clients and help them move on.

Carol Handsor

Carol joined Baron in 2014 as a personal lines insurance broker specializing in homes, rented dwellings, tenants and condo insurance, seasonal and course of construction insurance.

Cathy Lachance

Cathy Lachance specializes in home insurance and auto insurance assisting Vernon and surrounding areas find the best possible home insurance rates.

Gloria Fedick

Whether it’s an old client or a new client, Gloria gives them all the time they need to understand their policies and the coverage that will protect some of their biggest purchases— their homes.

At Baron, our insurance brokers use their expertise and their access to dozens of different insurance companies to find the best rates and policy for your unique home.

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