Backyard Fire Pit Safety

A blazing, backyard fire pit is perfect on a cool night- unless the flames become uncontrollable. We want your summer nights to be enjoyable and safe, therefore we have taken the time to tell you a few backyard safety tips you should be aware of when having an outdoor fire.Take these safety precautions.

What to put it on:

It is best to set your portable fire pit on top of a natural surface like concrete, stone, gravel, or brick. There are risks associated with putting your fire pit on your wood deck. If embers fly, things could get very dangerous. However, a permanent fire pit is normally built on a gravel base.

Keep it small:

The most important fire precaution to take is to keep your fire small. There is no need to have a blazing bonfire in your backyard. It makes sense that the bigger the fire, the greater chance of there being a disaster.

Where to put it:

Most experts suggest that your fire pit be at least 10 feet away from any structure or combustible surface, including your home and fence. Check with your local city authorities and observe the distance that is required by law in your town.


Before lighting your outdoor fire, make sure to double check the weather forecast. Avoid any windy conditions that could cause sparks to fly.

Yard Maintenance:

Performing some outdoor yard clean-up tasks will never hurt, before having an outdoor fire. Picking up old, dead leaves and pine needles and other combustible materials around the fire pit is very important.  Always have a container of water or a garden hose nearby before starting your outdoor fire.


When you are finished enjoying your fire for the evening, douse it thoroughly with water. However, if you have a portable fire pit, make sure to review the instruction on how to properly put your fire out. Some recommend staying away from water.

It only takes a few seconds to perform these fire safety tips. We want your cozy, outdoor fire pit to keep you warm and protected on these summer nights. But we also don’t want that cozy fire to burst into a house fire. So, ensure you get the most out of your fire pit by keeping safe.



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