Backyard Barbecue Tips

It’s the time of year for you to start hosting your friends for a backyard barbecue. We have some ideas to upgrade the usual barbecue and create something that can be a little more memorable, while staying safe!

Best Recipes

Coming up with new ideas for a classic backyard barbecue is difficult. Sure, everyone loves the typical hamburger, hot dog, and potato salad. If you really want to surprise your guest try mixing up your barbecue with these recipes.

  1. Grilled Potato Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Transforming the same-old summer salad into a new and improved staple!

  1. Grilled Buffalo chicken sandwiches

Instead of the regular beef burger, try this chicken sandwich that can satisfy your chicken wing cravings.

  1. Orzo Salad with Grilled Vegetables and Shrimp

This refreshing yet filling salad will make all guests begging for you to throw another barbecue.

Grill Safety

When it comes to a backyard barbeque, taking the necessary safety precautions is very important. Ensuring that your barbeque doesn’t go up in flames and making sure your guests are safe should be your number one priority.

               Grill Maintenance

Cleaning your grill before you start to cook is the best way to prevent a fire. Grease builds up over time, but if you clean it up right not only will it be safer, but your barbeque can also last a lot longer.

               Propane Grill

When using a propane grill, it is particularly important to check for any gas leaks. Having your propane barbeque serviced before the summer season can be useful. If you ever start to smell gas while cooking, step away from the barbeque, shut the gas off, and call your local fire department for assistance.

               Charcoal Grill

Using charcoal starter fluid can be dangerous, if you don’t use the right amount or try using a different product. Never add more to a fire that has already been started or start to use a different fluid. Make sure that your coals are completely cool before you put the barbeque away and always keep young children a far enough distance away.

Watch the Weather

Making sure that you check the weather forecast before setting a date and time for your barbeque is the best tip we can offer you. If it is set to rain, not many of your guests will enjoy sitting outside in your backyard. However, if it is also going to be hot you may want to have something outside that can keep your guests cool. We suggest having a shaded area in your backyard to put your picnic table under and a sprinkler running for the children to run through. If the forecast predicts wind, make sure all tablecloths, napkins, and anything else is safely secured.

Let the Games Begin

There no better solution to early arrivals or a post dinner slump, than to have some of the staple lawn games on hand! Set out a few Frisbees, a few badminton rackets, and a croquet set. Giant Jenga is also a very popular yard game that you can even build yourself: There is definitely no skilled required in these games and can bring together everyone at the barbeque into having some fun!


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