Avoiding Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you own a business or are in charge of human resources, you understand the importance of your staff. They take on many responsibilities.  You trust them with the products you are offering as well as the clients they are interacting with. Most employers also understand the expense of workers’ compensation claims and the burden they pose.

In the employee’s eyes, they are working for your hard earned business. Many employees want to come to work in a welcoming and safe environment. They expect that their employer will prevent any risks that could potentially lead to a workers compensation claim.

We want to address some of the ways that employers can reduce the risks of their employees filing a workers compensation claim.

1.     Job Descriptions:

One of the easiest ways to identify the job functions and responsibilities required of your employees is to give them a job description. This will ensure that employees will understand what is required of them. Job descriptions also set out expectations regarding performance which allow employees to work within those limits.

2.     Assess Candidates:

Before committing on hiring an individual to represent your business, you may want to evaluate your applicant. Participating in personality tests or honesty tests can gauge if the person will be fit for the position, honest, and dependable. Performing physical capability tests will also help to evaluate the applicant’s ability to perform the functions of the job.

3.     Training:

Having an established training program for every position within your business is essential in retaining valuable employees. Training also gives employees the feeling of reassurance and allows them to work more diligently as they know how to perform the job. Workers compensation claims will decrease with a valuable training program.

4.     Work Culture:

It is important to establish a healthy work environment for all employees. The increase in technology has definitely made a lot of work places easier. However, typing at a computer can lead to discomfort and employees sometimes have difficult separating work from their home life. Trying to establish daily breaks for stretching and flexible work hours can allow your employees more freedom. Making sure that your employee’s physical and emotional health is crucial to decrease workers compensation claims.

There are an abundance more ways that you can eliminate the chance of workers compensation claims. At Baron we treat every employee like friends and family. We hope that you can integrate these 4 tips into making your business a healthier environment.

Remember, Baron can help you with any business insurance needs you may have. Come in and get a quote today!

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