Avoiding Holiday Mishaps

As Christmas is literally right around the corner, you have just about 1 million things on your mind. For instance- Did I get all the groceries for Christmas dinner? Are all the cousins accounted for on the gift list? Did I remember to clean the room Grandma and Grandpa are sleeping in. If you stop and think about it, it feels like the holiday season is endless with chores, tasks, and reminders. Our job here at Baron is to make sure that one thing never crosses your mind this season- that is your Home Insurance!

Now, I’ll be honest… I don’t really ever think about my home insurance during this time of the year either. But,23 after researching some of the craziest holiday scenarios I definitely understand why one should.

We want to discuss just a few of the things that could potentially go wrong over the next couple days. We hope you never find yourself in any of these situations and wonder if you are covered with home insurance. But luckily, we are open tomorrow until 2pm, just in case!

  1. You attempt to roast some Chestnuts and end up burning the house down. Don’t worry; with a home insurance policy you will definitely be covered!
  2. The abundance of beautiful Christmas lights hanging outside on your trees suddenly short-circuit, ignite, and burn your trees to the ground. Don’ worry, you’ll also be covered for that!
  3. Your sewer backs up because you pour grease from your turkey down the drain. Unfortunately, most home insurance policy will not cover this. However, you can come in and check with us if yours does!
  4. A thief snatches all of the goodies and presents that Santa leaves under your tree. Yes, your home insurance will cover this, however there are limits to certain items, so make sure you come and talk about additional coverage for certain, expensive gifts.

There are several tips that you can take that will help you avoid any of these scenarios, as bizarre as they may be. We want you to spend as much time as possible have a good time this holiday season. Whether you are celebrating with family, friends, children, or your pets make sure you have the right home insurance policy that will help cover you if you get caught in a sticky situation.

Have a safe and fun holiday season. Happy Holidays from the Staff at Baron Insurance!


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