Autism Awareness Day

It’s April 2nd or we can also refer to this day as ninth annual Autism Awareness Day. This is a day that the world celebrates as a whole to raise awareness and funding for people with autism. Autism is a very generic term for people that have a number of different disorders all relating to the development of the brain. It is diagnosed before a child turns 3 years old in an effort to help the child develop in areas they may need help in. These areas normally include learning, communicating, and physical difficulties. Awareness of autism is extremely important so that people can understand and find out what they can do to try and make a difference.

On this day, many organizations around the world will light their buildings blue, to support the “Light it Up Blue Campaign” in an effort to shine a light on people with autism. If your organization decides to do this, make sure you share it on social media using the #liub hashtag.

Autism speaks is another way to spread awareness. It is a non-governmental organization that acts as an advocate for those with this disorder. They act as a large support system for families with an autistic person. You can visit them directly through their website,

This day is in an effort to bring people from around the world together to aid in research, diagnosis, treatment, and overall awareness of those living with autism. Our insurance branches will definitely be thinking about all the people who have autism and we will be holding them in our hearts today. Do some research and find out what you can do to help. Every small action means a world of difference.

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