April fool’s Day

It is April 1st and you all know what that means… April fool’s Day! We are sure that you are almost frightened to roll out of bed and walk cautiously around your house or office to find out what silly practical joke your family or co-workers have pulled on you. But come on people, making funny jokes is not meant to take any physical harm or damage any property. Let’s make sure that we all practice safe, and funny April fool’s jokes!

Now, anyone who wants to have some fun today can celebrate April fool’s day! Including the media, so make sure that you take everything with a grain of salt. We have a list of super easy practical jokes that take close to no time at all:

  1. Block the remote control signal with a piece of clear tape.
  2. Turn their mouth green by putting a tiny drop of food coloring on their tooth brush.
  3. Set a short cut in their phone and have them guessing why autocorrect hates them so much.

History of April fool’s day mostly surrounds the notion that during spring festivals in Ancient Roman Times, individuals would play practical jokes on each other. The celebrations began in the middle ages and were normally celebrated on March 25th throughout Europe. In the 1800’s the date was changed to April 1st.

Make sure that you have lots of fun today and definitely pull some funny jokes on those most important in your life. After all, today is the best excuse to get silly and have a lot of fun!


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